How to Create a Powerful life-changing Morning Meditation Routine in 5 Easy Steps

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Step 1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

We have all heard the quote if you can win the morning you can win the day – It is, therefore, important to create a conscious routine which isn’t reactive but “Proactive”. Challenge the day on a deeper more Subconscious Level – This is How To Create a powerful life-changing morning meditation Routine.

Make a packed with your self to make changes to the world within that will be reflected in the world without. But here’s the kicker, you will have to stick to your guns! Repetition is the father of learning, so if you learn how to create a new and healthy habit, to succeed, you need to stick to it. More importantly, once you decide to do a thing, “DO IT”, always keep your word!!! Failing to do so will weaken your self believe on a detrimental level subconscious level.

“If You Can Win The Morning You Can Win The Day“

Step 2. Sleep The Elixer Of Life

Sleep a natural and incredibly beneficial state of being; sleep is as important as food or water, and believe it or not, we spend about a third of our lives doing it. If we utilise this amazing state correctly, it can help create a morning meditation routine that can supercharge your day.

How to Create a Powerful life-changing Morning Meditation Routine in 5 Easy Steps

Two-thirds of adults throughout the developed nations fail to obtain the 8 hours of sleep that the World Health Organisation recommends. Even more alarming is when we continually deprived our selves of sleep, it makes us more susceptible to a whole host of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s. 

Ensure that you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep; failing to do so will put you in a sleep deficit and, more importantly, hamper your creative genius. Create healthy sleep habits by staying away from mobile devices before bed. Dim the lighting and turn off any background noise such as the TV to allow yourself to drift off into a comfortable sleep.

Step 3. Don’t check that email, text or facebook post

One of the cardinal sins of a morning routine is to wake and reach for your phone, tablet, or laptop – This distracts the mind and cutters it with a plethora of thoughts and information. Whether you are a motivated professional or just in the routine of waking up and checking on your social media status, avoid instant interaction. You have the rest of your day to succumb to distractions; the morning is yours! Utilise it and train your Subconscious Mind by creating a new healthy, and powerful

How to Create a Powerful life-changing Morning Meditation Routine in 5 Easy Steps

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Step 4. Create a Meditation Space

Creating a meditation space is an important aspect of creating a powerful morning routine; the best thing is that you can go as hard as you wish in this department. From the introduction of meditation cushions to essential oil to crystals to sage! Be as creative as you want. For some great ideas, check out this blog on ten easy steps to creating a meditation space. Just make it your personal little Zen spot, and you’ll be good to go.

Step 5. Be At 🌍ne!

Now there are many different ways to meditate but let me strip back all of the fancy techniques and make it clear. Meditation derives from the Latin word  Meditatio from the verb meditari, which means to contemplate, think or ponder.  The interesting thing is that the true aim of meditation is to reach a state of pure consciousness unpolluted by the rational thinking mind. 

How to Create a Powerful life-changing Morning Meditation Routine in 5 Easy Steps

The art itself is very simple, but therein lies the challenge; in terms of technique, it truly is simple.  Sit in an upright position, comfortable and relaxed and pay attention to the breath. When the mind wanders, as it will simply bring the attention back to the breath

The key is to become a conscious observer totally detached from thought – remove all bias, judgment and emotional attachment. Simply “Observe” until you reach the point where observation is no longer required. At which point, you will have entered the realm of Pure Consciousness. A state you will only reach when the mind is as peaceful and still as a lake with no movement, so still it looks like a sheet of glass.

How to create a powerful morning meditation routine

That is the main goal of meditation, but ultimately, not everyone will achieve that state, but everyone will most certainly benefit from trying to attain it. Just sitting from 5 to 15 minutes a day has been proven to increase creativity, improve focus, reduce anxiety stress, and improve emotional intelligence, to name just some of the benefits. 

Now, if you were offered a pill that would give you all of those benefits and more, would you accept it? Well, here we are offering you a simple little life hack that will give you all of those benefits and more.  

Many people will make excuses – I don’t have time on a morning, ”Well, get up earlier, or don’t sit on your device or put on morning TV to watch negative news”. Give that time to yourself for quiet contemplation, go within, and you will find the following Beautiful Bible Verse To Be True!

”Be Still And Know That I Am God The Kingdom Of Heaven Lies Within”

Psalm 46:10

How to Create a Powerful life-changing Morning Meditation Routine in 5 Easy Steps

These five easy steps will help you re-collaborate your mind, allowing you to think clearer and sharper opening the door to thoughts that inspire.

This has routine personally transformed my life, outlook on the external world and how I react to it. I see the magic in the mundane, opportunity in adversity and unity in separation. I am now consciously aware of low vibrational reactions to people, events or situations. Through the powerful meditation practice, I now cherish my internal guidance system, as it has helped me cultivate my emotional intelligence.

Meditation teaches you to take a step back from the external world and learn to view it from a new Commpationateley Gratified, Devine Perspective.

And for that… “I am Eternally Grateful”

“The Devine In Me Honours, The Devine In You…. Be At 🌎ne!”

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