3 Easy Steps to Help You Raise Your Vibration In A Negative and Challenging Situation

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How many times have you heard the phrase bad vibe? Maybe you’ve been in the company of someone only to feel uncomfortable due to what can only be described as their Vibe or Energy. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Why on Earth 🌍 do we often hear ourselves or others using the phrase bad Vibe or bad Energy? 

Everything in this fantastic Universe is Energy, including us. We are energetic beings vibrating at various frequencies based on our Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. To understand where you could be on the vibrational scale, always trust in Your Emotions.

To put the importance of being aware of your emotions into context – I like to refer to them in the same way as Abraham Hicks does in the Amazing book The Law Of Attraction – If you haven’t read this book, then read it. Those in the know call it The Secret behind the best selling book The Secret.

Think of emotions as your internal Guidance System. Learning to tune into them can be a potent tool. Many people don’t realise the richness and wealth that accompanies emotions. Emotions are the connective link, your Higher Self forms between you and Source Energy.  

That link can help you Identify, In the very moment, precisely how aligned you are to the Devine Frequency. That is. “Source Energy”. This is so simple, yet people spend their lives without figuring it out. You are connected to all that is, which means you’re a particle of the Source Energy.

However, when you entered this 3rd Dimensional reality. You relinquished all records of past lives, so you can experience all that 3rd-dimensional reality has to offer. Without the interference of previous life experiences. And as a result, you now have to figure it all out again, which enables your Soul to develop and grow;


The powerful tool you’ve been blessed with to do that is your Emotions. 

When your vibration is out of alignment with your true nature and Source Energy, you feel bad. When you’re vibration is in alignment, you feel good. “It really is that simple!” At times we live life on Auto-Pilot, not always consciously aware of what is going on and, more importantly, not always Consciously aware of our Emotions or Vibration. 

In this post, I will share how you can reprogram your Subconscious Mind in a way that will give you more control, in negative situations and help you raise your vibration in challenging times. 

Many mystics and spiritual teachers say that emotions are a link between your higher self and Source Energy. What’s clear is when you’re aware of your Emotions (Energy In Motion) and, therefore, in tune with them, your vibration will be at its highest frequency; When this is achieved, you’ll feel it within every atom of your being.

This information will help you Consciously dial into your vibrational frequency, allowing you to keep it resonating at a high frequency. Irrespective of the situation you may find yourself in! In steps 1 through to 3, I will provide you with practical exercises that you can implement into all aspects of your daily life, private and professional. ✨

So let’s jump into it and see how we can help you Vibrate Higher! 

1) know Thy Self

Vibrate 2

So let’s take it from the top, and I’ll be a blunt as I can! To Know Thyself is to Identify with, who we truly are! We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. If people lived in the embodiment of this knowledge, what a different world we’d be living in? Separation is an illusion. “We”, the beautiful human race, are all connected. Spiritual teachers like Jesus and the Buddha have shared this message for centuries, and new developments in Science back that up.

Separation does not exist. We are all connected; we are all particles of the infinite and Devine Whole – Source Energy. Through us, source energy experiences physicality in all of its ever-present humanness. So if we are all connected, then why the hell on Earth excuse the pun? Do we put ourselves in these stupid little boxes called – Colour- Sexual Orientation -Religious Beliefs etc. 

I mean, watch the news with a consciously, spiritually connected – developed mind, and you’ll see the insanity of it all. The wars 🤷‍♂️ , The race hate 🤷🏽‍♂️ , The inner-city violence 🤷‍♂️ , The judgement and Homophobia 🤷🏽‍♂️At what point will we remember who we truly are.

What you do to others, you do to yourself. The negative energy you put out into the world comes back to you! We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all connected. “We see each other through the eyes of god”. Please, humanity, wake up to who you truly are; you are not your race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. 

Please step out of the box you are residing in and start living in the connected and powerful energy you are centred in, which is Source Energy. We need to take back our power and our true identity, which leads me quite nicely onto step 2! 

2) Go Within

This step can be achieved if you consistently give yourself at least 10 minutes a day. In the words of Tony Robbins, If you haven’t got 10 minutes for yourself each day, then quite frankly, you haven’t got a life. 

Now going within, mindfulness, meditation, whatever it means to you is a simple exercise. For me, I feel like it’s my time to connect to the Source Consciously. I say Consciously because we are always connected.

Here is a little technique for you to try.

Find a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed, quiet your thinking mind, and pay attention to your breath. As you do this, gently allow your awareness to scan your body from head to toe and allow yourself to relax whilst maintaining an upright posture if you are seated. 

Relax, and as thoughts arise as they will, simply observe and let them float away. As you spend more time and become proficient at this. You will in time feel your state go from Particle where you are identified to the body as your point of awareness. To Wave at this point, your awareness will be anchored in an Energetic state.

You will experience the Emotions that accompany thought over and over again. Just become a conscious observer with no emotional ties, no judgement and allow those feelings and the accompanying Emotional sensations to float on by. 

This is so Powerful, and with practice my Brothers and Sisters, you will become much more aware of your Emotions and your Vibrational Frequency within the moment.

3. Vibration In The moment

When you adopt the habit of going within on a daily basis, you’ll become more aware of the ever-present and Powerful Moment; With that comes a realisation and a greater Awareness of your Vibration within the moment. Going within or meditation is a gateway to higher frequencies. Through the stillness, you become more aware of the Vibrational and Energetic frequencies that surround us every moment of the day. That stillness is a frequency that you can tap into at any time, especially when you find yourself in a challenging situation.

When going within or meditating, you will learn to observe the subtle energies and frequencies that accompany thought and Emotion. When you begin to meditate, you will find yourself thinking about everything. And in turn, experiencing a range of Emotions and Thought Vibrations. In time, you’ll learn how to observe without an Emotional reaction.

At which point you will be in the Vibration of the Ever-Present Moment, from the perspective of a Conscious Observer.

What a beautiful experience!

Challenging situations can happen at any time; from the internal. Thoughts and feelings that affect you emotionally. Tp reactive external situations like road rage. You have the typical disagreement situations between family, spouses, friends, and strangers no matter what the situation if you put all three of the aforementioned steps together. You will find a High Vibrational Solution.

Follow the steps as follows.

Step 1) Know thyself – Remember! We are all connected. There is no separation. You do onto others as you do onto yourself. Try this powerful exercise the next time you are out in public; every time you see someone, say to yourself. “I Am That; I am” is powerful and fun; try it out you will instantly become more empathetic and understanding. All is one, and “Separation is an Illusion.”

Step 2) Go within; A daily practice of meditation and stillness connects us to the subtle energies that surround us at all times. You will become more aware of the Vibration of Emotions couple this with step one, and:- You will approach every situation with a Spiritually, Tapped in, Turned on and Tuned in mind

Step 3) Vibration In the moment – When you learn to vibrate within the moment, you will consciously become more aware of your Frequency. You will be able to react to changing situations far better; you will become a more Conscious Observer of the Present Moment.

When you find yourself in a challenging situation, remember we are all connected and do onto others as you do onto yourself, go within and find the powerful inner calm. And finally, vibrate within the moment. When an issue arises, breathe, and ground yourself at that moment. Connect with your inner calm and respond with a clear and Conscious understanding of precisely what is happening.

Equally importantly be Empathetic as not all are aware of this information.

You really are the Conscious Creator of your own reality, and you can use these 3 easy steps to help build the reality you desire on your terms! Oh, and one other thing!

Smile you don’t own all the problems in the world.

Remember “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” We have moved through unprecedented times on the planet. The global pandemic, the hurt and pain many have experienced. We are all Co-Creators. We all play our part when it comes to the energetic frequency of our beautiful planet. So do all that you can to keep your Vibration High, and steer clear of Negative Energy wherever you can.

Love Light & Unity Subconscious Hustle ❤️

Be At 🌍ne!

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