An Amazing Date With Reiki

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When I first heard the term Reiki, these were but a few of the questions swirling around my head. I learned that it was some kind of Healing modality whereby the Reiki Healer or Master channels Universal Lifeforce Energy ⚕️to his or her patient.

But where did it all begin? What is it? Does it work? Can it Help or Even heal You? And how did I come to find myself on the treatment table of a Reiki Master! Most importantly, did it work?

Keep reading to find out.

1. What is Reiki

Reiki is said to have emerged in Japan in the late 1800s. Referred to as Energy Healing, it is said to work through the practitioner as if they were a conduit for the transfer of Universal Energy. The Life Force Energy permeates all living things. Humans have known of this energy for thousands of years and sought to develop ways to harness the energy to heal.

All humans carry this energy within and around the body, and some say it can be seen through the use of Kirlian Photography

Many popular disciplines such as:-

Work to develop, enhance and control the movement of this energy both in and around the body. Reiki is a form of Hands-on Energy Healing; however, some perform it without laying hands on the person receiving the treatment.

Some also say they can perform distant Reiki, whereby the person receiving Reiki needn’t be in the same city, let alone the same room.

Reiki is a two-syllable Japanese word.

  • Rei – Universal
  • Ki – Life Force 
  • Pronounced – RAY – KEY

Due to the traditional way of passing knowledge, the original names and techniques were lost through word of mouth from generation to generation. The person that was responsible for the discipline we call Reiki today.

Is a Japanese Scholar and Monk who was named Dr Mikao Usui. It is said that in February 1922, Sensei Usui went to Mount Kuruma Yama, a sacred mountain in Tokyo, to fast and meditate until he passed to the next life.

After 21 days, he experienced the Energy of Reiki. In March of 1922, he is said to have felt a light enter his body along with the Powerful Universal Lifeforce Energy 💫that rendered him unconscious.

When he woke, he felt a new State of Spiritual Awareness, a High Vibrational Frequency he’d never felt before. The weakness he had felt due to fasting had been replaced by a Universal Energy and level of Spiritual Consciousness and Vitality that totally shifted his paradigm.

Filled with excitement, he raced down the mountain to share his experience with his Zen Master. As he rushed along, he stubbed his toe on a rock. As he sat and placed his hands on the area of pain, he was amazed as universal healing energy flowed through his hands into the affected area, totally healing the pain. 

At this point, Dr Mikao Usui discovered the Energy Healing Properties of the system he would later call Reiki. In that instant, he decided to share the amazing gift from the universe with the world 🌎. 

What Is Reiki

2. Does it Work

As a holistic healing modality, Reiki has long been discredited by traditional medicine. The idea of an invisible field of Life Force Energy that surrounds the human body has been shunned due to it being invisible and immeasurable.

However, things are now beginning to change, and many hospitals now offering Reiki as an alternative form of Therapy. 

3. Clinical Studies On the Effects Of Reiki

Unfortunately, there had never been comprehensive case studies on Reiki’s efficacy until 2005 when William Lee Rand – The Founder and President of the International Centre for Reiki Training.

Formed The Centre For Reiki Research and developed what has come to be known as the Touchstone Process. The Touchstone Process is a peer review method created for Analyzing the state of Scientific Studies carried out on Reiki studies in hospitals.

The Amazing work done by William Lee Rand has been of great importance. It shows the world that Reiki does have tangible and powerful benefits. 

In data analysed between 2008 and 2009, strong evidence showed that Reiki does have positive biological effects on both humans and animals. Of those Reiki, cases studied, one stood out (rated as excellent in the process); it was reported in the most careful studies carried out on Rats.

The analytical data based on the evidence showed that stressed-out Lab Rats that received Reiki showed Significantly reduced levels of stress, depression and anxiety responses. 


The same tests were carried out under placebo conditions, with sham or none Reiki practitioners without any recorded reductions in the level of stress, depression and anxiety in any of the lab rats tested.

Data from genuine Reiki analysed on the testing of humans between 1993 and 2006 showed results ranging from Satisfactory to Excellent. All of which showed that Reiki had a beneficial effect on controlling pain levels in Humans.

3. Can it Actually Help You or Heal you

25 Test studies that have appeared in peer review journals have been evaluated by The Touchstone Process to evaluate the merits of Reiki Treatments.

The findings, taking into consideration only the most rigorously controlled studies. Found that 83% of all the evidence evaluated showed moderate to strong support for Reiki being a viable Therapeutic Healing Modality. 

Despite these findings, there will always be naysayers and those who just can’t get their heads around the concept of Energy Healing. 🤷🏽‍♂️

4. Birthday Reiki Session

I had heard of Reiki, and although I class myself as open-minded, I would need to experience Reiki before I could comment on whether or not it works. It was my birthday and my Fiancé, knowing that I have a passion for all things Spiritual/Mystical, thought it a good idea to visit the local Metaphysical store and find me a little something.

It was a great place full of interesting people, from mystics to white witches to alternative therapists. They had a large selection of Crystals, but I have loads of them, and she wanted to get me something different. 

There was an awful lot to choose from, ranging from Crystal workshops, and Past Life Regressions. Mediums, Books, Tarot Cards and everything in between.

After discussing gift options with the lady at the counter, they agreed that it was a good idea to think outside of the box and purchase me a Birthday Reiki session.

The Big Day Arrived

I went in with an open mind. Rachel; The Reiki Master greeted me, she was friendly, warm and welcoming, which made me feel at ease. I found that she had a really good vibration about her.

She welcomed me in and led me to the treatment room, down a narrow staircase with concrete steps and imperfect white walls to the basement.

It was a large old Victorian styled property with beautiful victorian type character features to the building’s exterior. 

The decor throughout was more New Age and had a real positive feel to it. A touch of Native American culture with a twist of Angel energy that coupled with Crystals, Dream Catchers and a hint of Sacred Geometry really set the tone.

Racheal rented one of the many rooms. The others were rented by mediums, White Witches and Reiki masters alike. The treatment room was dimly lit with a lovely aroma in the air. 

The Big day had arrived

The room was lit with candles, and the light from them bounced beautifully off the Crystals; I instantly felt their calming effects.

There was a distinct smell of sage in the air with subtle hints of lavender and other essential oil; each scent complimented the other perfectly in the same way that the scent of fruits in a bowl mingle in a perfect orchestra of sweet aroma.

She asked me to remove my shoes, ushered me to the table, and then explained how it would work. She began by telling me a little about herself and explaining what I might experience.

She described a range of feelings going from no sensations to sharp or uncomfortable pains, to visions or simply the possibility of drifting off to sleep. However, she also made it very clear that experiences can and will be different for everyone and that I should just lay back and let the energy flow.

She then asked me if I had anything, in particular, that had been bothering me from the standpoint of physical ailments? 

what is reiki

I consider myself to be relatively healthy with but a few aches and pains, none of which I would have shared, as I figured it was her job to work with the universe and figure that out. 

My Reiki Experience

So, the scene was set; I lay there not knowing what to expect, other than what Racheal had explained. Now, I am experienced with meditation. Therefore, I felt the best thing for me to do was to try and go into a meditative state.

That way, my subconscious mind would have a limited influence on the experience. Racheal asked me what kind of music I liked? I asked her to choose what worked best for her when carrying out treatments. 

That was a great response as she chose a song I had never heard before (Anilah Warrior) but found very powerful. So as I lay engulfed in the amazingly tribal beat of Anilah, I relaxed my mind, my expectation and directed all mental attention to my breath.

It didn’t take long for me to fall into a deep state of meditation. I found myself visualising in my mind’s eye what seemed to be a round symbol bronze in colour with markings/words that I couldn’t quite make out in this deep state. (I later realised that what I had visioned was a Tibetan Singing Bowl). 


I was taken back by the vision’s clarity, and my awareness was then drawn to a sharp pain just under my right rib. I found this to be strange and intense. I then felt a pain in my lower back; Now, I had an injury that was caused by my deadlifting in the gym.

I did not share any of this information with Racheal, and my state of meditation totally took my mind out of the equation. Therefore I know I didn’t influence or create any form of a placebo effect.

The pain was a type of hum, but it focused on the exact area I had injured maybe a year earlier; however, I still felt intermittent pain when doing something physical that might aggravate it. One thing that is for sure is that “I would never feel any pain when relaxing as I was

At this point, my mind was in a swirl; although open-minded, I did not ever think that I would have been blown away by the experience in the way that I was.

I composed myself and continued to relax my mind to remove it from the equation. No sooner had I made that conscious decision than I felt an energy I had never felt before. It was as if I had been thrown into a pool of energy. I felt High on The Energy Of Life, almost beyond human.

It was as if, I was laid in a pool of foam-like pockets of energy. Subtle, tranquil, omnipresent and majestically relaxing. I was connected to the Universe, Reiki had lifted my energetic vale and I lay there at one with the Life Force Energy of every Atom and Molecule, I can only describe the feeling as Magical.

It was then that I felt a swirling feeling in the base of my spine. The energy then coiled its way up my spine.⚕️I instantly thought to myself Kundalini  (The term for Spiritual Energy located at the base of the spine). By this point, my mind was totally blown.

Racheal brought me back into the room with a smile and asked me how I felt. I sat there for what felt like an age, gathering my thoughts, speechless. 

How could I explain how I felt without sounding as if I was exaggerating?

As I lay there, I replayed everything in my mind trying to rationalise what had just happened. I started to share what I’d experienced with Racheal. I began by trying to explain my Energetic state.

It wasn’t a get-up and run marathon energy; it was vibrational energy that was strong, and unlike anything I had felt before, a feel-good High Vibrational Energy.

I then explained the pains I had felt; finally, I began to explain what I had felt in my lower back. 

Rachael smiled at me with a little twinkle in her eye and explained that she’d done a Sanskrit Kundalini Chant to send Kundalini energy up my spine.

I was gobsmacked, totally and utterly taken aback. When I woke up that morning, I had no idea that I would discover the Beautiful Universal Life-Force Energy called Reiki.

I have learned that life isn’t always what it seems, and there is much to our reality that we can’t always explain.

Just because we can’t explain a thing or physically see it does not mean it doesn’t exist. We live in a strange Quantum world; Dr Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, Author and International Lecturer, sums this up beautifully when he says Mysticism is the Contemporary Language of Science. 

What we experience here on Earth is but a small portion of reality due to the limited spectrum of our senses.


I believe Reiki is a Gift from the Higher Power, so embrace it and enjoy it.

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe — a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”


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