The 5 Powerful Symptoms Of Awakening Kundalini

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Symptoms of Awakening Kundalini⚕️

Kundalini itself is a Sanskrit word that means “she who is coiled.”

Even though awakening kundalini is a beautiful experience and the potential for transformation is great, it can be an extremely challenging thing to go through. 

It refers to primordial life force energy at the base of the spine, often symbolised as a snake.

This may sound like a very esoteric topic, but in fact, it is something that happens to many people, either spontaneously as a result of trauma or a similar life event or something they seek out and achieve using specific techniques and practices.

It is believed that all of the power and potential of our true Self exists in a dormant state at the base of our spines in a primordial cluster of Energy commonly known as Kundalini.

This Energy is considered to be pure intelligence, creativity, and joy. It is a spiritual energy that exists beyond time or intellect – the Energy of pure awareness. Commonly related to feminine Energy, its manifestation can profoundly affect those who experience it.

This article sheds a little light on some of the most common symptoms of awakening kundalini. ⚕️

After reading this article, you should know more about the symptoms of awakening kundalini and what you can do to help yourself if you are experiencing any of them.

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What Causes a Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is the evolutionary Energy of Consciousness that abides in all living beings. This energy field can be awakened and directed through the practices of Meditation, yoga, breathing and other forms of energy work.

Or Plant Medicines such as Ayahuasca. To learn more about this amazing plant, check out this Healthline Article: What Is Ayahuasca? Experience, Benefits, and Side Effects

Kundalini energy has been described as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. As it rises through the body, it clears away blockages created by trauma, emotional issues and other mental obstacles.

The Symptoms of Awakening Kundalini 💫

1. Physical Symptom

Kundalini is a powerful source of Energy coiled at the base of the spine, and when activated, it manifests a plethora of different symptoms that affect people in different ways.

As this Energy rises from the base to the crown chakra, you may experience some or all of these Physical symptoms:

Intense Energy Flowing Through Your Body

The sensation of Kundalini rising up the spine feels like a wave of electricity or intense tingling that radiates outward through your body. It may feel like a warm or hot current moving up your spine and outward toward your extremities.

Sometimes it feels like an electric charge with no point of origin. It can also feel like your entire body is vibrating rapidly. You might feel these sensations throughout your body at once, or they might move around specific areas or chakras before dissipating. 

A feeling that you are connected to everything around you and a deep sense of love for yourself, others and nature may accompany this. It is an incredible experience as you will feel the power of Life Force Energy flowing through you.

This can affect your sleep, day to day activities like housework and looking after the family. Try to regulate the Energy at the beginning and the end of the day through Meditation.

Some people may advise you to stay away from Meditation if you are going through an awakening, but it can be beneficial in controlling specific Energetic Symptoms.

2. Emotional Symptoms

The physical symptoms are the most well-known, but there are many other symptoms that happen to people who have awakened Kundalini.

Some people may not even realise they are having a kundalini awakening because they don’t experience any physical symptoms. However, they notice an increase in Energy, a change in their emotional reactions and an overall sense of well-being. These can also be signs of Kundalini rising.

Emotional Symptoms

The emotional symptoms can be as intense as the physical ones and may include:

Extreme mood swings. Some people feel delighted and excited, while others become depressed or angry. Both extremes may be felt at once or within a short period of time apart.

A feeling of ecstasy or bliss for no apparent reason. You may feel like you are on an emotional high, and nothing can bring you down.

A feeling of dread, fear or panic for no apparent reason. You may feel like you’re having an anxiety attack, even if nothing has triggered it in your daily life.

Irritability and impatience with others who seem to be moving too slowly or not understanding what you’re saying to them.

An increase in empathy towards others and a desire to help them with their problems

Awakening your Kundalini is a process that may take years to complete. It may come in fits and starts because it is an ongoing process of opening up the chakras and balancing the energy channels in your body with the universal life force energy (prana) that you receive from the Universe.

As you become more sensitive to higher energies, you will undergo changes in all areas of your life as you grow spiritually. This can be a very challenging time, depending on where you sit on the emotional spectrum.

Remember, E-Motions are Energy in Motion. You are experiencing the physical form regulating a powerful wave of Energy which is caused by this sacred awakening experience. The Chakras are open; the mind and awareness are amplified as they connect to Universal Consciousness.

That is why this information is so important because you must understand what is happening to totally accept and be able to navigate your way through the roller coaster of emotions. Kundalini Awakening is a gift from Source Energy and not a curse.

Enjoy the experience because the Universe or God doesn’t make mistakes.

3. Mental symptoms

Other common symptoms affect the mental state; they can manifest through a heightened state of mental clarity; increased IQ; better memory; ability to access thought-forms telepathically; ability to receive information from the Akashic records and past lives;


photographic memory; ability to see subtle energies with the mind’s eye; psychic abilities such as ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience; enhanced creativity, especially in music and art; rapid learning capability in any subject including new languages; increased wisdom and compassion for others.

This is the side of Kundalini that many people crave, the ability to tap into these gifts. Just remember, these gifts are dormant in every one of us.

Jesus tried to teach that to the masses who chose to worship him rather than follow the fundamentals of his teachings.

We all have access to Christ Consciousness. It is all about opening up our awareness and understanding of the Universal Laws that are based on Love, Unity and Alignment. It is and always will be a case of Consciousness.

So align your self with your highest possible frequency the frequency of Love Light, Unity 💫

4. Psychological Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms that you may experience as you begin the process of awakening your Kundalini, some of which will be physical symptoms. However, some people do not experience any physical sensations at all, instead coming to the realisation that their Kundalini is awakening through a series of psychological symptoms.

Sometimes, the manifestations of Kundalini may take place in a subtle way that is not so easy to understand and interpret. During this period, the practitioner might begin to feel more sensitive, with an increased awareness of the environment. They may be able to read other people’s thoughts or be able to communicate with spirits or other beings.

This is usually the first phase of Kundalini awakening that leads to a higher level of Consciousness.

Psychological Symptoms Of Awakening Kundalini:

Heightened Creativity

Increased Psychic Abilities

Greater Intuitive Awareness

Intense Energies Moving Throughout The Body

A Heightened Sense Of Awe And Wonderment At Life

Unusual Sensations In The Spine And Or Crown Area

Intense Energy Flowing Through The Chakras (Especially The Heart Chakra)

5. Spiritual Symptoms

One of the most important symptoms of the awakening of Kundalini is the appearance of vibrations. The awakening produces powerful and divine vibrations that can be felt in the body, particularly in the hands and feet. These are spiritual vibrations or divine Energy that make you feel wonderful, peaceful and happy.

Awakening kundalini leads to a feeling of joy and blissfulness. This feeling is not affected by external events or circumstances. So, no matter what happens in your life, you feel happy from within. You feel connected to God and His creation all around you.

In Meditation, when Kundalini awakens, it rises through your spine and reaches the chakra at the top of your head (the crown chakra). Once it reaches this chakra, you feel connected with God. This experience makes you realise that God exists within each one of us and everything around us.

Another sign of awakening kundalini is increased intuition, psychic abilities and creativity. You know things without being told. You are able to see into people’s minds and understand their thoughts just by looking at them or talking to them for a while. You also become more creative because you start thinking outside the box and come up with innovative ideas that can change your life for the better.

Kundalini Awakening triggers the Activation of the Pineal Gland, also known as the all-seeing Eye of Horus or the Third Eye. It is the awakening of the Spiritual Eye that causes such a huge paradigm shift.


As touched on previously, the person experiencing the awakening becomes much more sensitive to frequencies of a higher vibration, which is usually a result of an Awakened Third Eye!


We believe that there is an omnipotent power within all of us just waiting to be discovered and unleashed. We hope this article has opened your eyes to the multifaceted nature of the human being related to Kundalini awakening and the symptoms to watch out for.

For those who might be struggling with any of these symptoms, maybe it will give you some comfort to know that you are not alone.

In turn, we hope to empower those who find themselves on the path of awakening or in the process of attempting to Awaken Kundalini to approach it in a more responsible manner.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you will never be able to control them. Through experimentation and trial and error, you can learn how to awaken safely and use the experience of Kundalini energy for spiritual purposes.

Above all else, it is most important to remember: You are not crazy or mentally ill; you are simply a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. 💫

Love, Light and Unity ❤️

Be At 🌍ne!

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