How to Use Nikola Tesla’s Amazing 3,6,9 Manifestation Method, To Create the life of your dreams in 5 easy steps!

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Nicola Tesla’s 369 Manifestation Method 💫

The magical power of scripting is a manifestation method that provides you with a way of influencing the quantum world by using your mind and the power of intention to manipulate the building blocks of reality.

To create the life you desire in this physical world. 

Tesla’s 369 Manifestation Method is a great technique for influencing the quantum world of atoms and particles. Read on to learn a little more about the Amazing human being Tesla was, also find out exactly what the 369 Manifestations Method is, and how you can start using it today.


From the Quantum Theory standpoint, you cannot have a world without your mind entering into it. Ever since the rise of Quantum Theory in the early 1900s, many have argued that consciousness affects the Quantum World of reality.

Max Planck, the German Theoretical Physicist, was born on the 23rd of April 1858 and died on the 4th of October 1947. He gets an honorary mention in this post because it was Max who birthed Quantum Theory which won him a Nobel prize for Physics in 1918. His theory revolutionised our understanding of the subatomic and atomic world. 


Max Planck felt that consciousness profoundly affected reality and was quoted as saying, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” 

Herein lies the beautiful and the amazing crossroad where science and The Law Of Attraction come together almost as if they were different branches of the same tree. 

When I started to understand these concepts, I felt as if they unlocked the secrets of the universe.

The quote below is an amazing example of the power of consciousness and here is a great article if you wish to delve a little deeper: Quantum mechanics and the consciousness connection

I Absolutely Love the Max Planck Quote Below 💯

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Max Plank The Father Of Quantum Physics

Who Was Nicola Tesla?

369 manifestation method

Nicola Tesla dubbed by some the greatest mind was the famous Serbian Scientist, a mechanical and electrical engineer. He was born on the 10th of July 1856 and passed over on the 7th of January 1943. Through Tesla’s work, he’s known for many important things and great inventions such as:-

His contribution to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) that we enjoy today is due to his understanding of electricity. This means anytime you use a piece of electrical equipment at home or work, you should pay homage to the incredible human Nicola Tesla. 

He also invented the world wireless system, (he played a big part in the development of the radio technology we enjoy today) the AC Motor, the tesla coil, the death beam or death ray and the study of magnetic fields of which he discovered the rotating magnetic field in 1882. You can even thank him for everyday conveniences like the remote controls.

Related Article: From Tesla’s Lab to Los Alamos: Powerful Magnets Come Full Circle

The above listed, name but some of his inventions. In truth, Tesla is by no means as famous as he should be, mainly because he never quite got the credit he deserved, in the same way as others such as Thomas Edison, even though he played such an important role in the electrical age.

So where did 3,6,9 come from in relation to Tesla?

According to many sources on the internet, Nicola Tesla said that ”If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 you would have the Key To The Universe” although you may come across this quote all over the glorious internet stating that it was said by Tesla.

There is no hard proof of that; however, what is evident by the numerous accounts of tesla’s life, is that he was obsessed with the numbers 3,6, and 9, but why did he feel this way about these three mysterious numbers? 

Tesla was obsessed with the number 3, according to a famous story. It is said that he would walk around a building 3 times before entering it, or he would only stay in hotel rooms with a number divisible by three.

Tesla spent many of his later years moving from one hotel to another and died in hotel room number 3327 coincidence or evidence of his obsession with number three.

It is said that it was almost like OCD or superstition but the Nikola Tesla number was clearly three.

Tesla’s obsession with the magnificence of the number three makes sense when you look at how the number naturally crops up when you open your eye’s to it.

  • An atom (the building block of reality) consists of three subatomic particles (proton, neutron, and electron)
  • The trifecta of energy (energy, frequency and vibration)
  • Holy Trinity (God, Holy Spirit and Jesus)
  • Stages of existence (Birth, Life and Death)

From the standpoint of numerology, each number in its most simple form means

  • 3 – Represents the triangle as an embodiment of mind, body and spirit
  • 6 – Represents the centre of the mind and creative thinking.
  • 9 – Represents mind in action – ambition – spirituality and combines the attributes of 6 and 3.

The numbers 3, 6 and 9 are the main reference point for this blog. So let’s take a deeper look at how you can use them in your daily life as a tool to help you connect with the invisible energy fields that form the fabric of reality.

This isn’t some profound secret, it is a practical and readily available practice that you can use to change your life path to match the outcome of your desires.

This post will explain how you can use Nicola Tesla!’s Amazing 369 Manifestation Method, To Create the Life Of Your Dreams In 5 Easy Steps.

The practice of scripting is a Manifestation Method in which you consciously set your intention; however, you must consider the following fundamental principles first.

Don’t just see the ideal you desire, you have to Feel It and visualise it coming into reality as if it has already happened. This is a powerful manifestation method and when it is used correctly. We as spiritual beings; who are having a human experience, tap into higher dimensional energy.

You must be in alignment

Our thoughts are like radio waves, they must be in tune with the frequency of that which we desire.

So the first step to unlocking what you desire starts with right thinking.

When it come to scripting and Tesla’s 369 Manifestation Method

Feeling Is The Secret”

Manifestation Technique 2

Step 1. Set Your Intention

The first thing that I must point out before I lay down the 369 manifestation method is this.

To Manifest anything in this world, two main ingredients are required.

”Thought and Action”

You don’t simply think of a thing, and it appears, how wonderful would it be if that were the case. You must first use a very powerful form of energy we call thought. It is through thought that you cast your mould within the Matrix Of All Matter.

It would help if you first determined exactly what you would like to achieve or experience with crystal clarity.

Once you have that unwavering clarity, the powerful Universal Energy that we call the Law Of Attraction will be set in motion and plot out the best route for you to get there.

I love the quote from Paula Coelho’s book, the Alchemist.

“When You Know You Want, The Universe Conspires To Get It For You”


Step 2. Take Action

Take action! Many people who attempt to teach the law of attraction do so from a low level of understanding. Many have not intentionally and consciously created anything in their lives that is remotely on par with what they are promoting.

The bottom line is this; you must take action. Be that doing deep and spiritual work on a subconscious level, through reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

These techniques are not taught in our modern conventional schools wouldn’t it be great if these concepts were taught at a young age?

As a result, to most people, such ideas and concepts are tough to accept, so work is required to reprogramme the subconscious mind through Meditation, study, reading, and positive thinking to allow for a shift in consciousness to a new paradigm where anything is possible. 

”Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

Step 3. Plan your affirmation/script

How do we utilise this 369 Manifestation Method – In step 1, you set your intention. Now you must decide how to go about expressing exactly what you desire to have, be, or do. Here are some examples.

Is it your desire to attract your soul mate? If so, a good affirmation for this would be “I am so happy and grateful now that I can share this life experience with such a beautiful soul, as we enjoy all life has to offer and support each other lovingly and emotionally in the most amazingly passionate way”. Write these words feeling the joy, love, and passion that your ideal relationship would bring. 

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If it is the wealth and success you desire, then here is an example. “I am so happy and grateful now that large sums of money come to me effortlessly and easily as I make XXXX per month, I can enjoy financial freedom and provide the most amazing lifestyle for my family and for this along with everything that I have, I am eternally grateful.”


“Feeling Is The Secret”

Neville Goddard
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Step 4. Gratitude

Gratitude is key baby!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions; many successful people start the day with gratitude expressions. Some people write 5 things they are grateful for at the start and end of every day. For this 369 manifestation method, I want you to feel gratitude for what it is that you desire, feel and express it within your script.

What you desire is yours; it belongs to you and is sat waiting as one of the infinite possibilities within the quantum world. All you need do is tune yourself to the frequency of that what is desired. Nicola Tesla stated that “if you want to understand the Secrets of the Universe, you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.” 

In the same way that you cannot listen to your favourite radio station if you are tuned into the wrong frequency. The same is true for this 369 manifestation method and the law of attraction. You must become a vibrational match with that which you desire! 

Through the repetition of your scripting, you are reprogramming your Subconscious Mind the Subconscious Mind is one with the Universal Mind.

The Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom in existence. Every Atom is continually striving to manifest more life, all are intelligent, and all are seeking to carry out the purpose for which they were created.

Charles F Haanell – The Master Key System

Step 5. Get Writing Baby Repetition is key

Grab a notepad, a diary or even a digital device like your smartphone and write your desires. I find it amazing to get lost in this powerful 369 Manifestation Method by consciously writing my intention down in my notepad. Notice the term Consciously! 

You must be consciously aware of what you are writing, be in the moment, and write as if what you desire has already been received. Become a vibrational match to that which you desire!!!

With this 369 Manifestation Method – Repetition is key when you wake up to start the day by scripting your intention 3 times, then around mid-day script a following 6 times, and finally, at the end of your day, repeat the script 9 times. Do this for no less than 30 days, and remember consistency is the key! 

Many people throughout our modern world are finding great success with this 369 Manifestation Method. As the energy in the world shifts and humanity awakens to new ways of thinking and a new understanding of human potential, which seems to be governed by both Spiritual and Universal Laws.  

It is becoming more evident that when it comes to what you can achieve in life…… Your Only Limitation Is Your Mind.

Utilise this powerful 369 Manifestation Method to see what magic you can create in 2022!

Love, Light, and Unity

Be At 🌍ne!

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