The Metaphysically Powerful Placement of Citrine on The Chakra.

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Crystals a brief history

Citrine Crystals and Crystals in general are a natural manifestation of Earth. They are among the most powerful tools used to manifest balance and stability in life. Crystals aren’t just rocks that look pretty; they can harness your thoughts and intentions in ways that not only aid manifestation practices.

They can also be used to help your physical health and well-being providing emotional balance while enhancing your spiritual energy through the practice of energy work.

Now crystals didn’t just appear out of nowhere; they have life forces of their own and needed to be discovered for their unique powers, which have been used in various ways since ancient times.

Crystals were originally mentioned far back in history by the Ancient Sumerians, who used them to produce what is referred to as magic recipes.

Whilst crystals such as Lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald, and pure quartz were all utilised in Ancient Egyptian jewellery. They created burial amulets out of the same jewels as well.

Stones were extensively employed by the Egyptians for protection and healing. Chrysolite (later topaz and peridot) was utilised to ward off night terrors and to ward off bad spirits.

Crystals were also employed cosmetically by the Egyptians. Galena (lead ore) was processed into a powder and used as a kohl, a type of eye shadow.

Crystals come in many shapes and variations; you have natural or raw crystals, polished, geodes, With popular gemstones such as the various Quartz Crystals, including Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Natural Citrine, Celestite, Tigers eye, moonstone and the list goes on. Still, the crystal we are here to discuss is the beautiful citrine gemstone.

What is Citrine

Citrine is a wonderful crystal and a member of the Quartz family, and its honey-coloured hue is often associated with good fortune, wealth and prosperity. Because of its pale yellow colour, citrine may be a beneficial stone to aid in the digestion and absorption of foods.

Citrine crystal energy can be used to increase, magnify and clarify personal power and energy.

This powerful crystal is helpful for meditation, dream-recall, and visualisation. Citrine can help balance the emotions and align the chakras within the ethereal plane. It does not absorb negative energy so it does not need cleansing; instead, it transmutes, dissipates and grounds that energy when placed on an area or chakra where negativity has collected.


Making it a powerful tool when used to re-collaborate a particular energy centre, due to its natural healing properties.

Genuine citrine can be used as the central point of a crystal grid that’s been created to bring in wealth and abundance.

This is something my local supplier and metaphysical shop do, they have a crystal grid with a piece of citrine as the powerful energy centre.

Just be mindful when purchasing citrine as natural pieces can be hard to get your hand on. Most of the supposed citrine on sale is simply Amethyst that has undergone heat treatment.

The properties of Citrine are exceptional so if you can manage to find some crystal jewellery such as a citrine bracelet be sure to wear it on your left hand as it works well with the transmutation of energy. It also makes it a convenient way to wear and interact with any crystal when going about daily life.

Citrine should be placed in the wealth corner of your home or business premises (The farthest back and to the left of your front door), it is also great when placed on fingers or the throat in contact with the skin.

Citrine awakens the higher mind making it great for spiritual work, meditating with this gemstone and aligning yourself with its vibrational frequency can greatly enhance spiritual development.

What is a Chakra

A chakra is an energy centre of the body. The seven major chakras (there are many) are located along the spine and neck, with each corresponding to a specific area of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Each colour associated with a chakra has its own meaning as well.


Chakras are activated through breath and concentration, helping us to shift our state of being through focus on one area at a time. We can also use crystals to activate or balance our chakras.

Placing crystals near or on these centres during meditation sessions helps to cleanse and align them, setting off powerful healing cascades within the body.

If you feel stuck in one area in your life—whether it’s in your relationship, career or personal goals—it’s possible that an imbalance in that particular chakra is hindering your ability to move forward.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located above the abdomen, right below your sternum. It’s the third chakra, which makes sense because it deals with your self-esteem and confidence. If you are having issues with this chakra, you might find yourself feeling unmotivated, timid or even jealous.

You can balance this chakra by meditating and focusing on a sunny yellow light (the colour of this chakra), or by taking a class to help you increase your self-confidence.

Citrine is a stone that naturally aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra because of its warm and energizing properties; as such, it helps you get back in touch with that sunny part of yourself that gives off positive energy.

It’s a great way to remove negative energies and stimulate crystal healing.

Other stones to work with include tiger’s eye (for healing), yellow jasper (for grounding) and topaz (for success).

To use citrine in your meditation practice, hold one in each hand while sitting up straight and allowing the warmth from each side to flow into your body until they meet at your solar plexus.

Visualise a yellow bubble of energy around your body and allow the subtle pulsation of energy to vitalise your whole being, which will help unblock your chakras.

Crown Chakra

Citrine is also a common crystal used in crown chakra balancing and rituals. In fact, it can be used instead of or in combination with clear quartz to activate, balance and energise the crown chakra.

If working on connecting with the divine, citrine is the perfect crystal to use during meditation or other spiritual practices. I find it beneficial to incorporate the use of a singing bowl.

This centres your energy and focus whilst also increasing the vibration of your space and everything in it.

Sacral Chakra

Citrine is a beautiful crystal to work with on any of your Chakras, but it especially shines here.

The Sacral, or Svadhisthana, Chakra is located in the lower abdomen. The second of your seven chakras it’s associated with the element water and the colour orange.

The sacral chakra is the energy centre of your emotions, sexuality, and creativity. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Svadhisthana and is associated with the colour orange.

The sacral chakra represents our ability to feel passion and pleasure. When this chakra is blocked, the physical body can feel overly sensitive or disconnected from ourselves and others.

An overactive sacral chakra could also lead to addiction or obsession. It is the natural union between the physical and non-physical body that highlights the issue.

Place a piece of citrine over your sacral chakra to help release emotional blockages and improve creativity.

If you think you have emotional blockages, try meditating with a piece of citrine over the area of your body where you feel the blockage is.

If you have trouble focusing, try imagining your breath travelling through the crystal. You can also use citrine to help increase your physical vitality and libido by placing the crystal in your underwear drawer or by slipping a piece of citrine into a pocket inside your bra!

To open your Solar Plexus Chakra, you can place a Citrine cluster (a group of stones) right where the Chakra sits so that the energy radiates outwards into the rest of your body.

We recommend carrying a piece around with you as well so that you can feel its positive vibes all day long!

To activate and release tension in this area, you can also meditate while holding the stone close to your heart.

Steps for preparing a citrine crystal for your sacral chakra.

  • Cleanse your crystal. This can be done by placing the crystal in saltwater for a day or two.
  • Place the citrine on your sacral chakra, also known as your lower belly, just below your navel. Sit in a comfortable position and take some deep breaths to relax and bring you into a meditative state. Stay here for at least ten minutes.
  • Although it is generally advised that crystals are not moved from one chakra to another, you may have other energy centres that need work within this time frame as well!
  • Recharge the stone for a short period in direct sunlight or under moonlight when possible just be mindful of how long you leave citrine in sunlight as it can fade.

Citrine visualisation Meditation for the Chakra System:

  • Place a piece of citrine on your lower abdomen, at the location of your sacral chakra (just below your belly button).
  • Use your hand to hover over the stone and feel its vibration.
  • Visualise this orange-coloured chakra opening up like a flower in bloom, as you gently breathe into it.
  • Stay focused on this chakra point and citrine for five minutes or so (start off slow!) then release!
  • Once you release, encase your body with a brilliant white light.
  • Allow this universal glow to permeate all of your chakras.

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In conclusion, citrine is an inventive and helpful crystal for anyone who wants to bring about a positive change in their life. Its versatile nature and its ability to enhance other crystals make it a great choice as part of any crystal collection.

Placed on the body, in the living room or on the work desk Citrine will shine it is a great crystal and bring about positive and powerful benefits.

For those wanting to tap into or enhance their ever present powers of manifestation then citrine should be your go to crystal.

Citrine can help you align all of your chakras, no matter how good or bad they are! Citrine is one of the most valuable crystals for overall chakra alignment.

As we mentioned earlier, when you place citrine on your crown or third eye chakra, you’ll feel a sense of divinity and peace. When it’s placed on your third eye, you’ll receive a boost in intuition and insight, which can help enhance your psychic abilities.

When you place citrine over your heart chakra (located in the centre of your chest), it will have an energizing influence over love and forgiveness, improving your relationships with others. Citrine also facilitates communication and creativity when placed over this chakra.

When placed over your solar plexus chakra (located in the upper abdomen) or sacral chakra (located below the stomach), citrine can help balance emotions and improve vitality. If either of these two chakras are out of alignment, then it will be hard for you to live a balanced life!

The Sacral Chakra is an essential part of your overall energy balance, and Citrine can make it even better!

Being a stone with so many positive benefits, it’s a good idea to add one to your collection. It will keep you motivated, increase your energy levels, stabilise your emotions and help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

Love, Light and Unity 💕

Be At 🌍ne!

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