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Unlock the Badass within!

How familiar are you with the author and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle? This unassuming human is the person responsible for the best selling book, the POWER OF NOW.

In my eyes, Eckhart is a BADASS Spiritual OG – 

In his book The Power Of Now, he talks about how he became the spiritual teacher we know today. He details his journey from the depths of depression, openly sharing how he battled with self-limiting beliefs and suicidal thoughts. 

Eckhart describes a challenging but pivotal point in his life where the depth of mental darkness and despair brought him to a point of clarity never before experienced. 

He recounted a night not long after his 29th birthday when he woke up with an intense feeling of dread. Not dissimilar to feelings he had experienced before, however, this time, something had changed. 

It seemed more intense and impactful, almost like Dark Night of The Soul – “A state of spiritual awakening where those affected feel an intense sense of self-denial and personal loathing.” A realm of consciousness that ultimately leads to the state that many people describe as a Spiritual Awakening! 

He experienced a stripping away of the ego, which led to total and utter freedom from the chains of mental turmoil, leaving the pure essence of his being in a self-realised state of utter bliss and an intense appreciation for life’s simplicities.

In the words of Eckhart he experienced “Consciousness in it’s pure state prior to its identification with form. “

“I draw on the wisdom from Eckhart and “The Power Of Now” for this post, because it’s message and teachings are of magnificent importance to the 21st-century human.” 

A race of beings that live in the virtual world of social media. Seeking digital love and recognition, totally engaged with the microchip housing devices that connect humans worldwide. 

My, Intension with this post is to help you identify and control the voice in your mind. The one that’s responsible for so much mental suffering. I want to help you “Ignite the Power of the Badass within “ and take charge of your Mental Home.


So how do you unleash the power of the Badass Within? “First off….. Don’t listen to that negative mental chitter chatter”



I know it’s natural to doubt yourself and listen to that A-hole of an imposter that follows you around ALL DAY. You know that pesky little pest! 🤷🏾🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️

It takes liberties, and we allow it. 

It goes on and on, day in and day out and what do we do? 

Nothing! 🙁


Because it’s normal, or that’s what we’ve been conditioned to accept. Believe me my Brothers and Sisters!!!!! 

“That Ain’t Cool.” 

We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Infinitely more! You Are A Spritual BADASS!

Check this scenario” 

You get up, and you’re getting ready for work, school or college; you get the drift?

Then that one pain in the backside of a friend turns up unannounced then decides to follow you around all day. Constantly talking in your ears, NONE STOP!!!

Talking for the sake of talking, and it’s so repetitive; you’ve heard the crap time and time again. 

What a Mood Hoover.

Worrying about the past – the future – what they’d say if this happened or if that happened 

How they look – how they should look.

What they’ll do – what they won’t do 

Why they did – Why they didn’t.

It goes on and on and on, like a broken record.

Now let me ask you something! 

How long would it be before you kick them to the curb, like literally? 

“Seriously”, how long would you tolerate that for? 

Here’s the kicker, in reality we tolerate that annoying experience every single day, minute by minute, hour by hour… 

Like, what the heck is all that about!!! 

That intrusive annoying little so and so….. “Is Your Mind!”

That annoying little so and so causes more pain, misery and suffering than most of us realise. And even though many of us fall victim to the Invisible Imposter daily, people remain totally oblivious.


“Because it’s the norm!”

Check this!

Imagine you were out in public, and all of a sudden, miraculously, and with total clarity, people could hear the conversations and dialogues that go on in your mind. 

What do you believe people would think? 😲

Now imagine watching yourself.

As an OBSERVER… Be honest, what would you think? 


I know, that’s an uncomfortable 🥵 thought.

Herein lies the key to step one! 

To unleash The Power Of The Badass Within. You must first learn how to step back, no longer being a participant of the constant mental chitter-chatter – and untether yourself from the chains of the Mental Turmoil. 

To do this, you must “Become a Conscious Observer “ of your mind. The most important thing that will help you achieve this is identifying yourself with the true nature of your being. 

So how do you become a conscious observer of your reality? 

It’s simple just become aware! 

Intensely aware, meditation in its purest form is simply awareness! It would help if you become more aware of every aspect of your life. 


This is so powerful

Become fully aware to the point where you are no longer going along for the ride; you are consciously in control of every situation. No longer on autopilot but in total control.

I want you to start from the moment you wake up! Be acutely aware of what you are doing, connect with every sensation and experience of life.

Be that brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, tidying your home, driving. All activities usually done on autopilot do them in a totally awakened state. 


This is step 2 to Unlocking The BADASS Within and it’s essential. In meditation, you observe your thoughts without attachment to Feeling or Emotion. 

To become BADASS you must learn to do this throughout your day. Doing this will place power in your hands, never before realised. 

A power you can unleash in any situation, professional or personal. Once you learn to utilise this power, you will naturally enter any situation with more – Focus, Understanding, Calmness and Confidence! You’ll enter any and every situation as a Spiritual BADASS.

Observing your Thoughts and Emotions in any given situation will be of great advantage to you. If you can identify where you stand on an Emotional scale and figure out the correct response based on a Consciously Connected mind…. Now that’s BADASS.

Many people do not understand the richness and wealth that accompanies emotion. Through your emotions you can figure things out. I’m sharing this information simply to bring you into a higher plane of consciousness; that’s my intention. 

Your Emotions are non-physical; they connect you to the spiritual body. It would help if you learned to explore your emotions. 

“Observe them be Consciously aware of the constant Eb and Flow. “

Feel the flow of energy!

Through observation and self-cultivation, you learn to observe without unconsciously reacting. This awakened state of being must be practised daily to see results and unlock the Spiritual BADASS.


With the uppermost respect for all religions and belief systems, I share this information with you!

You are not the body!

You are a Multidimensional Energy Source, Focused In Third Dimensional Reality.

That Multidimensional Being is the BADASS this post is about. 

Identification with the Badass within is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This self-realisation will cause your reality to shift, and you will view life in a totally new light.

You will begin to awaken your ancient eyes! The ancient Eyes Of Horus. 

I want you to feel my energy as you read this post because that is a testament to how powerful we are. “I’ve discovered my BADASS” I’m just here to help you find yours”. 


You are Source Energy manifesting itself through the instrument of the human body. I’m not trying to teach you anything; I aim to remind you and to direct your awareness to the BADASS energy source that lies within every one of us.

No matter which way you move it or shake it. This is real, and there’s no getting out of it. Your true power lies within; the question is, what will you do with this information? 

I’m not a Preacher, Guru or anything in-between I’m simply a conduit for Source Energy and if this information sparks a change in just one person, then that’s fine with me.

You see, my aim with Subconscious Hustle was to find my life purpose, and that purpose is for me to give back and allow Devine Spiritual Energy to flow through me to you! 

Just take one thing away from this post. 

I don’t care what your background is, your colour, your creed, your religious belief – The One Thing I know for sure is this – “Inside the human body lies a power so great it could be nothing less than Badass even if it tried” 

The only thing you have to do is Align Yourself With That Energy!

Remember Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!

Love Light and Unity ❤️✨

Be At 🌍ne!

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