Angel numbers are mighty and even more powerful when you understand the meaning and incorporate that information into your everyday life to make positive change.

Angel Number 555 carries divine messages, and in this post, I’ll share all the information required for you to understand what it could mean for you so keep an open mind!

Angel Number 555

#Let’s Take It From The Top.

You are a Spirit having a human experience.

You are a Spirit having a human experience that becomes an intricate part of your holistic spiritual journey.

A little background on the None-Physical side of your being!

Before entering into this life experience, your Spirit was clear about what lessons it wanted to learn in this Third-Dimensional Reality.

Some call it a Soul Contract.

On entry to this Third-Dimensional Realm, all past life memories were given up. To allow each of us to learn the lessons required to grow as we had intended, without our experience being tarnished by past experiences and lessons.

It’s essential to make these connections on a deeper spiritual level when discussing Angel Number 555 or Angel Numbers and Spiritual Signs in general.

I encourage you to do your research on the topic of NDE’s or Near-death Experiences; they will provide you with such a profound spiritual outlook on life, the Universe and our place in it, as the Unlimited Spiritual Beings we truly are.

I started studying NDE’s due to the pain and sorrow I experienced from losing loved ones. This is something we all experience, and even though I am pretty Spiritually grounded. I found losing loved ones very hard to deal with.

I have always had the mindset that we are Spirit first, but that didn’t stop the grief from a young age. Which left me with the age-old question… What is this all about? 🤷‍♀️

By the way, I haven’t gone off on a tangent; I’m just putting this into perspective.

I’ve studied the work of Dr Raymond J Moody, Anita Moorjani and Dr Eben Alexander. Both Anita and Eban tell fascinating stories of their NDE’s whilst Dr Raymond Moody has spent decades researching and studying what happens when we pass over. He wrote the excellent book Life after Life based on his findings which again I encourage you to read if the topic interests you.

I touched on this because this research made it so clear to me that this 3d reality is the playground of life, a magical and wondrous place where spirit beings from the divine realm come to play and learn. The closer we are to the frequency of the Divine, the clearer we see the mystical forces at play, and the more in tune we are with the signs and synchronicities of powerful messages.

Be those signs messages from Loved ❤️ ✨ Ones who have passed or messages from your guides and guardian angels.

Be those signs messages from Loved ❤️ ✨ Ones who have passed or angelic messages from your guides and guardian angels.

We are never alone on our human journey, NEVER. We are always loved, always cared for and always guided. One form that guidance can take is Angel numbers.

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Remember, these numbers can mean many things for many people, so read this information with a clear and conscious mind. Then, take on what resonates with you because that could be your message from the spiritual realm.

Angels Guide, They Will Not Interviene

It is essential to acknowledge that we live in a free-will Universe and you can have do and be anything. Your Angels will not intervene. They may step in if you’re in danger and it’s not quite your time, but they will leave you to make your own choices in life.

This is why they communicate through messages such as the Angel Number 555 – it is up to you to interpret and utilise that information based on your own will and choices they provide the angelic messages to help you get on the right path, one that may open up new opportunities.

Angels Associated with the Angel Number 555

  • Archangel Raphael – The Main Archangel – Responsible for overseeing the healing of 🌍 earth beings. Loving, caring and Devine nature means he is always ready to help us develop and stimulate our innate inner healing abilities.
  • Archangel Metatron – Is the Devine Record Keeper – Metatron also known as the angel of Life is a Powerful Spiritual Teacher. There to aid humans who are Awakening to their natural Spiritual Nature always working to connect beings to their highest Spiritual paths. Metatron also helps remove blockages and release what no longer serves us so you can tap into your natural connection to Source Energy.
  • Archangel Zadkiel – Brings a High Vibration of Love, Happiness, Freedom, Mercy and Forgiveness. Always there for you to call on. If you wish to Cleanse and Illuminate your Vibration
Angel Number 555

Angel Number 555 Means Change

So if you have been seeing Angel Number 555, be that on your clock, license plates or in any other place?

The number Angel Number 555, when seen repetitively, could be a compelling and significant sign from the spiritual world.

The number five is an Energetically High Vibrational number and a number of new beginnings, as it carries the frequency of important changes on this plane of reality. 5 on its own is a powerful number but 555! Now that’s next level and it means you’re clearly in for some big changes and great things, in your life.

A paradigm shift!

However, you mustn’t worry; all changes will bring with them positive energy even if, in the first instance, things may not seem that way. Be calm and trust in the Universe it will all work out with divine accuracy 💫

Angel Number 555 – Let Go

Angel Number 555 is the number of Alchemy, Growth, Imagination, Creativity and Zest when you see this number. Look around and identify the things you’re holding on to that no longer serve you.

I’m not just talking about material things; for instance, what emotional beliefs and old programs are you holding onto that you know, aren’t serving you?

Let them go, whatever they are, just let them go and make room for new things!

This shift can bring about significant changes, coupled with a renewed and fresh energy of change.

Don’t hold onto anything that doesn’t serve you, release all negative energy – I love the way Abraham Hick explains it in the fantastic book The Law Of Attraction. In that book, Abraham, who is a collection of none physical beings that speak through Esther Hicks, who is in physical form who with the support of her husband Jerry Hicks, created the Abraham Hicks content.

In that book, they explain that one of the most powerful laws in the Universe is the Art Of Allowing, allowing things to be as they are and trusting in the process. The Divine and Universal Energy will always bring forth the right thing required for our spiritual growth.

Angel Number 555 Manifestation

Angel Number 555 is a positive sign that your manifestations are drawing closer to you, Your spirit guides want you to tap into your innate ability to create. To do this you must step into your power and release all negative thoughts when it comes to what you want to have, be and achieve. The meaning of the number 555 carries such an important message when it comes to manifestation.

It is a reminder that all is mind and the quality of your life is hugely influenced by the quality of your thoughts, this shift in thought frequency can amount to major life changes. Be clear about what you want to experience, have or achieve and have Faith that there is a higher power working with you and through you to deliver all of your desires.

The Angels want you to know that they are with you!

It is extremely important to try and maintain positive thoughts, as seeing Angel Number 555 signifies that Higher Energies of Light are helping you open a new chapter in your life. So charge those coming changes with positive and High Vibrational Energy, with the knowledge that you are being Divinely guided.

When you see Angel number 555, it is time to get excited – Your Angels are letting you know that you are in alignment with what you are destined to Manifest.

Whatever your hopes and dreams are. You must see the wish fulfilled everything will appear in perfect time. Have faith, and make positive life choices, that align with your life path and angel message.

Angel Number 555 is all about change. It is bringing forth Order Creativity, Growth and Success, and is driven by the High Vibrational Energy of the Angels. So get strapped in and enjoy the ride.

I know it is so easy to get caught up in daily life. However, it is incredibly important to remember that third-dimensional reality is a playground for the Soul. Don’t take life too seriously; enjoy the present moment.

When you live in the space of Love, Light and Unity, you will not only be in closer alignment with your life purpose but find that the wonders of life will truly begin to unfold.

Our Guides and Gaudian Angels are with us at all times in this free will universe.

Never Ever Fear, as Everything will always be alright… Why Because you are an Infinite – Multidimensional Spiritual Being – Enjoying a Lush Human Experience.

So enjoy your body, The Experience and the Change That’s Coming… It’s a Gift.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Live, Good, Be Happy, Trust in the Process and Most Importantly Be At 🌍ne!

Love, Light and Unity ❤️✨💫