Manifestation Magic And The Powerful Law Of Attraction

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What Is The Law Of Attraction? How Does The Law Of Attraction Work? What is Manifestation Magic? Does Manifestation Magic Work?

What is The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction, is a term frequently used but do you believe it works and have you ever consciously manifested anything into your reality? Have you purchased and used Manifestation Magic? Leave a comment and share your experience!

A plethora of successful people attribute a large proportion of their success to the powerful Law of Attraction. Is the Law of Attraction Magic? Is it a state of mind? Or is it simply a hoax, an old wives tale, told to children to create a mystical world, similar to the story of Aladin and his Lamp?

My favourite story comes from Successful Comic and Actor Jim Carrey. In an interview with the Amazing Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey another very successful advocate of the Powerful Law Of Attraction. He told Oprah and the Audience how he used to visualise himself, living the life of his dreams. He’d park up on Mulholland Drive (An Affluent street and road in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California) and visualise having the home, the lifestyle, the money, even though he was yet to manifest all those things. It would not negatively sway his vision, and he would simply affirm that they are on the way.

The Law Of Attraction In Action

The most amazing part of his story was when Oprah asked Jim about the cheque he had written – Now just take this in for a moment and think about how powerful this is! Jim Carrey before he found success had a few writers interested in him but no clear path to fame and fortune. He wrote himself a cheque for $10,000,000 for Acting Services Rendered and gave himself 5 years to achieve it. He dated the cheque Thanks Giving 1995, placed it in his wallet and carried it around for years.

Just before Thanks Giving 1995, Jim found out that he would make Ten Million Dollars from his hit Movie Dumb and Dumber. That is the Wonderful and Powerful Universal Law Of Attraction in action and a Beautiful story.

Manifestation Magic

The Law Of Attraction simply states that “Thoughts Become Things,” meaning your thoughts, feelings and emotions, create your reality. Suppose your predominant thoughts are of sickness. The Law Of Attraction states that is what you will experience in your life. If your predominant thoughts are of poverty, lack and limitation, similarly, The Law Of Attraction then states, that will be your reality. However, if your thoughts are Positive based on the Vibrational Frequency of Love, Happiness, Health and Wealth according to The Law Of Attraction, that is what you will experience in your reality.

The hit Book most recently popularized the Law Of Attraction and Film the Secret; the book sold millions of copies and turned out to be a real success for the Author, Rhonda Byrne.

Everything in the amazing Universe in its most pure form is Energy! The famous Mystic and Inventor Nickoli Tesla put it most eloquently when he said. ” To Understand The Universe You Must Think in terms Of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.”

The Energy that helps power the Law Of Attraction Is “Thought” 💭 🤔 , but you must direct thought consciously to create the reality you wish to experience.

3. So with all that Law Of Attraction Talk what exactly is Manifestation Magic? Does It Work?

Manifestation Magic is a Self Help Digital Program that helps you remove self-limiting beliefs, It achieves this by using Energy Orbiting Technology that Infuses.

  • Vibrational Healing Code frequencies
  • Hypnotic Suggestions
  • NLP

It directs attention in a way that places your brainwaves in the optimum state to create Neuroplasticity. Reprogramming the negative thoughts, beliefs and other traumas that hold us back. Simultaneously, the sound wave matches a High Vibrational Frequency that allows for positive life-changing results.

Manifestation Magic 2

4. What makes Manifestation Magic so powerful?

The incredible thing about Manifestation Magic is it works on the Subconscious Level by clearing and altering programs in a way that no other program reaches, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

5. Does it work?

When I first found out about Manifestation Magic, I was a little apprehensive, even though I totally get The Law Of Attraction, and I have used it successfully many times in my life. I had never bought anything other than books to help me understand and utilise these powerful forces. I mean, it helps that there is a no-fuss money-back guarantee. It’s still hard to part with the wonga when you’re unsure.

I read the testimonials did a little research, and decided to take the plunge, now does it work? The simple answer is Yes! But it goes a little deeper than that. The Law of Attraction works on your Thoughts! The most powerful of which are those thoughts that are steeped in emotion.

So Mentally and Emotionally, I invested in this program. Now for me, it’s not just about the content; I believe you must also be open to it.

6. My Experience

When using the Twilight Transformation I consciously set the intention before sleep to connect with the programming. You could say I consciously made myself open to suggestions, and the results were great. Just that feeling of connectedness on a morning as if I had been in a meditative state all night really blew my mind.

During the day at work, I use the Daytime Wealth and find that this helps me become more creative, more focused; I find that I am getting up earlier with more powerful thoughts aligned to my success in achieving it. The negative thoughts are now fading away. I find that I now replace them with positive ones. And if ever the negative thoughts do occur, I Consciously remove them, almost like a martial artist deflecting an attack.

What I’m finding now more and more day by day is that I am becoming much more proficient in Consciously Removing Negative Thoughts, and a Byproduct of this is because I have become more aware of the underrated Power Of Now! More on that in later posts. Another great point about this program is you can work with it whilst you go about your day to day business. It doesn’t hold you back. Yes, there are some meditation elements, but for me, that wasn’t an issue as meditation is already a part of my daily routine, and it should be part of yours too.

There are Three program content packs to choose from. The Platinum Edition gives you access to all of the content and is the option that I decided to go with.

  1. Manifestation Magic 2.0, Price $27
  2. Manifestation Magic 2.0 + Special Bonuses Price $37
  3. Manifestation Magic 2.0 Platinum Edition $97

All come with lifetime support and a 60-day money-back Guarantee

Manifestation Magic 2 1 1

I find this a great program that is also supported by a fantastic little app that is simple and easy to use, so there is no need to mess around downloading content from one computer to another device. The app also has some great free content in the form of Audio and eBook so check it out.

In closing, we live in a Wonderful Universal of Magic and Mysticism, and it isn’t a coincidence that you have been guided to this Blog! It’s the universe holding your hand and leading you through doors in life that help you develop on a spiritual level.

I enjoy developing my Higher Spiritual Energy, connecting with the Universe and following the Omnipotent Energy to the Amazing place it will lead. I feel Manifestation Magic is a Great Program at An Amazing Price – It is well thought out, well put together, and the content is unique and powerful. I have opted for option 3 – Manifestation Magic 2.0 Platinum Edition, as now I have all the program has to offer, and I believe the Universe will reimburse my investment 10 Fold.

Dive into the comment section and share your experiences with the Law Of Attraction.

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