Theta Waves: The Powerful Doorway To Your Subconscious Mind.

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Theta Who?

Theta 💭

So you want to be successful? You know success is all about the journey, but you also know that sometimes it’s easier said than done. It can often feel like the universe doesn’t want your success and trust me, that isn’t and never will be the case!

But what if there was a secret path to help you have more of what you want in your life? Theta waves are a specific type of brain wave that exists primarily in the Subconscious Mind.

Theta is a very interesting brain wave state because it resides in the subconscious. It’s a gateway that opens up and allows you to tap into your personal power and higher levels of awareness. If you can maintain focus while in this brain wave state, you can access the knowledge that lies within your Subconscious Mind.


Theta waves are present during sleep and influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours when we’re dreaming. So when a human is in the Theta state of Mind, it’s the perfect place to create positive affirmations, receive guidance from spirit guides, or even get insight into why you can’t seem to find the answers to the most pressing matters in your life.

This is why listening to positive affirmations, guided meditations and binaural beats when drifting off to sleep can have such a profoundly positive impact on the nature of our reality.

In this blog post, I’ll give you an introduction to Theta waves and how to use them for manifesting success in your life!


What are Theta waves?

Theta Brain Waves have been called “the gateway to the subconscious, ” making them one of the most mysterious and fascinating brain waves.

Theta Brain Waves are associated with deep meditation, relaxation, and high levels of creativity and inspiration.

They also occur during REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, lucid dreaming and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and just after waking.

Although it is possible to increase theta brain waves in adults, they occur most often in children up to age 12. This is because most people have spent a great deal of time at some point during their childhood in the theta state, either while daydreaming, watching television or playing video games. 

The theta state is ideal for learning and memory since both increase during this type of brain activity.

There are four different types of brain waves that can be measured. These waves range from high amplitude to low amplitude and from low frequency to high frequency. They are as follows:

Beta Waves: 14-30 Hz (Awake State):

Alpha Waves: 7-13 Hz

Theta Waves: 4-7 Hz

Delta Waves: 1-3 Hz

Theta Brain Waves have a frequency of 4-7 Hz (cycles per second).

Once you are in the Theta state, you will be able to tap into your own deep intuitive wisdom. It is a place that can be very healing and also very magical.

When you are in the Theta state, you will be able to access your highest wisdom and truth. You will also have access to your most vivid memories, including old childhood memories, giving you the ability to heal inner child wounds.

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You may even tap into memories from past lives or other lifetimes.

All of this is available to you, but there’s a catch…

You need to be in a deep meditative state in order for all of these things to happen. And unless you’ve been meditating for years and years, it won’t be easy for you to get into a deep meditative state on your own. But don’t worry! We’ve got something that will help👇 …


Theta Waves Meditation

Theta wave meditation is the key to unlocking your subconscious Mind. Shamans and monks have long practised theta wave meditation. It has been used in psychotherapy sessions to access patients’ most profound and most unconscious thoughts, memories, and desires in more recent times. It is also used in hypnosis therapy to help the patient overcome phobias, depression, and other mental issues.

Theta wave meditation can be achieved through a number of techniques. Some of these include guided imagery, binaural beats, and even hypnosis. All these techniques aim to achieve a state of deep relaxation in which one can experience the benefits of theta wave meditation with ease.

The subconscious Mind is the most powerful part of your Mind. It’s where you create your reality. Everything that happens in your life begins with a thought.

Thoughts are vibrations, and they go to the subconscious Mind, which is neutral and cannot distinguish between what you want or don’t want. Once the thought-form reaches the subconscious Mind, it will begin to manifest in your life as a fact.

Your consciousness has three different levels: The conscious state, which is when you’re awake and alert; the unconscious state, which occurs when you’re asleep; and there is also the Subconscious state, which occurs when you’re daydreaming or meditating.

Your subconscious state makes up about 90% of your consciousness, so it’s vital to use this power for good! You can manifest anything at this level of consciousness through meditation, visualisation and other relaxation techniques that allow you to reach Theta brain waves.

You must be aware of this power so that you can use it wisely for your own benefit, for others and for the benefit of our planet.

Benefits of Influencing Your Subconscious Mind.

Many psychologists believe that your subconscious mind is the key to your success. By removing blocks and barriers, you can allow yourself to achieve your dreams. With theta brainwave entrainment, you can begin to influence your subconscious mind for positive change.

Theta, the frequency that is described as being just below the conscious level of awareness, is where the subconscious Mind resides.

The subconscious Mind, or the place in our minds where our habits, emotions and rituals live, is a powerful part of our Mind.

The influential power of your subconscious Mind has been discussed in great detail by many philosophers, including Freud and Jung. Freud believed that your subconscious Mind was responsible for all of your bad habits and emotions, while Jung believed that this part of your Mind had incredible creative power.

Whether you agree with Freud or Jung on how to use the power of your subconscious Mind, one thing is certain: there are significant benefits to learning how to influence this part of your brain.

Here are some of these benefits:

You’ll Be Able To Strengthen Your Physical Health

Research has shown that our beliefs about ourselves can significantly impact our physical health. For example, if you believe that you are unhealthy or weak, then it may be very difficult for you to become physically fit.

However, if you believe that you are physically strong and healthy, then it’s much easier for you to become physically fit because your Mind won’t be battling against itself.


How To Enter A Theta State

Theta is a brainwave state that allows you to experience the deepest realms of your subconscious, just outside the realm of sleep and dreaming. A Theta state is deep relaxation, almost like being in a hypnotic trance or meditation.

You can induce a Theta state by following these steps:

1) Find a peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.

2) Put on some headphones and listen to music that’s relaxing and feels spiritual.

3) Close your eyes and focus on your breathing until you feel yourself floating in deep space.

4) Imagine all of your thoughts flying away. Watch them go to the cosmos. Let them leave without trying to think about them again. Relax your Mind completely – this is the goal!

Theta waves Manifestation

The Theta State is the doorway to the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is one with the Universal Mind – The Universal Mind is the life force of every atom in existence.

This is why utilising a Theta Brain wave State can be so powerful.

So how do you use Theta waves for manifesting success? Theta waves are best used when you’re not fully awake. When you’re sleeping, your brain is in a state of deep relaxation, which helps your Subconscious Mind reach its highest potential.

You can use this time to visualise what success looks like for yourself, and focus on making it happen in your life.

During an affirmation session or Dreamtime session with Theta waves, it’s essential to relax completely before entering any meditation or visualisation exercise.

This will ensure that you enter a state of conscious sleep where the information processed through your dreams will be considered as a reality rather than a fantasy.

See The Wish fulfilled

Use this technique as you are falling asleep and repeat it every night

It is incredibly important for you to be clear on your desires.

How would your dream life look and feel?

Play with this like a child in a sweet shop, paint and create that image with the excitement and enthusiasm of a God.

Once you are clear on your desired outcome.

Take that clear and powerful vision with you to sleep on the omnipresent journey to the Theta State of Mind. In that unique and powerful state, you access the working power of the Subconscious Mind.

It is at this point that the subconscious Mind connects to the Universal Mind, a process that gives you the power to manipulate the building blocks of reality.

This is a powerful technique; when used correctly, which could help you with:

  • An increase in motivation
  • A greater ability to overcome obstacles in life
  • More money coming into your bank account
  • Finding love
  • Receiving guidance from spirit Guides


It’s time to conclude, and we end with a reminder of the great potential that is within you.

Theta will be your doorway to the great mysteries of the subconscious Mind and its incredible power.

If you can learn to harness it and learn how to use it, you will have access to almost limitless power.

You’re now armed with all the information you need to get started, so take your first steps into the beautiful world of Theta.

Love, Light and Unity!

Be At 🌍ne!

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