Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning, Astrological Symbolism, Lunar Calendar and More.

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Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning

Given the beauty of the full Moon, I felt it prudent to write a post to give a little background on the mysterious yet powerful Wolf Moon and its Spiritual meaning.

What Is the Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon is a full moon that falls on or near the Autumnal Equinox. It’s called “the wolf moon” because it is said to have been observed by Native Americans as the wolves howled during this time.

The dates of the Full Moon vary throughout each year. However, a wolf moon is a full moon that falls within the month of January.

wolf moon spiritual meaning

Understanding the Wolf Moon

In Native American culture, wolves are seen as symbols of wisdom and leadership. They also work together as a pack. The wolf moon is symbolic of how wolf nature works: hunting alone but still working together as a pack.

A wolf moon has many meanings behind it, but the one we are focusing on here is the idea that we need to return to our roots and see ourselves for who we really are. Particles of the whole – Connected to all that is.

So, don’t let the meaning of this wolf moon be limited to just its name. It’s symbolic of more than what meets the eye!

Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The spiritual meaning behind this wolf moon is that we are working towards becoming one with nature and our surroundings while returning to respecting our animals.

There is also the idea that following your heart and being true to yourself will lead you back to peace and happiness (which will always be there).

Many people who find themselves sensitive to the Energy of the Moon also find themselves becoming more connected to nature. In some cases, they feel the urge to give a tree a cheeky little hug. Does that sound familiar!!!

Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning

This lunar phase also has significance in many other cultures and religions, such as Norse mythology, Buddhism, and Christianity.

In Norse mythology, Odin (the god of war) sacrificed himself to himself in order to bring on winter when he was forced from Asgard by his brother Thor.

In Buddhism, Buddha entered a self-imposed exile in order to find true enlightenment.

And finally, the Bible records Jesus’ crucifixion as occurring during a wolf moon.

Astrological Significance.

On the astrological symbol level, the Wolf Moon is said to be associated with Mars (the planet also has connections with winter). The colour associated with this moon is orange or red, which is why you may see orange or red decorations around your home during this time of year.

wolf moon spiritual meaning

Additionally, there are numerous spiritual meanings associated with this lunar phase that vary according to each religion and culture.

Just like the full Moon, this lunar phase has significance within astrology. The Wolf Moon is related to Scorpio and has a strong connection with Mars.

In contrast, its opposite is the Dark Moon, which falls when the Moon is in Sagittarius.

The wolf moon can also be a symbol of death because of its connection to wolves and Odin’s sacrifice to himself.

Lunar Effect On Humans

The Moon is an essential part of our lives. From astrology to phases and the moon phases, people worldwide are affected by the Moon in different ways. For example, during a full moon night, more people feel that they have to socialise a lot.

This might be because of how it affects our circadian rhythms that control sleep, appetite and alertness levels.

Another way the Moon affects humans is through its impact on human behaviour and emotions; moods can also be influenced by how much light is available during nighttime hours or when there’s a full moon.

While we’ve always been intrigued with what the Moon does for us, we’ve never quite understood why some people respond to it in certain ways.

If there is too much of this lunar effect happening over time, it can lead to high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insomnia and even greater disorders such as bipolar disorder.

It is so important for you to understand that everything is Energy, and every one of us is wired to the frequency of the whole. The Moon is an intrinsic piece of the tapestry of reality, and we are connected to all that is, which is why it can affect us in the following ways:-

  • 1. The Lunar Effect on Sleep – A full moon can lead to more problems with sleep. It might be because of the effect it has on our circadian rhythms, which control when we sleep and are alert. These rhythms can get disrupted if there’s too much light during nighttime hours or at night. There is also a correlation between how much light is available during nighttime hours and how people feel. This means that a full moon can lead to an increase in feelings of anxiety, irritability, and moodiness.
  • 2. The Lunar Effect on Behavior – There is a correlation between lunar cycles and human behavior. For example, research found that the number of sexual assaults tends to increase after the new moon period when there is less light. One study also found that homicide rates tend to decrease after the new moon period when there is less light in order to protect one’s self from potential predators who would prefer not to be seen in the dark.
  • 3. The Lunar Effect on Emotions – The lunar cycle affects emotions as well; they are known to change based on the lunar cycle. For example, study showed that during a full moon night, people tend to feel more happy and energetic than usual because of increased levels of dopamine in their bodies that result from serotonin depletion caused by lack of sunlight exposure on full moons days during daylight hours.

How to Utilise The Power Of The Moon

The Moon also creates a powerful environment for setting new intentions and amplifying a humans natural powers of manifestation.


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We are Energetic beings bound to the Energic flow of the Universe. So make sure you make a note of the Moon phases for the year and be mindful of how you feel when the Moon is full.

Utilise that heightened power and remember the Universe Has Your Back.

Love, Light and Unity. 💕

Be At 🌍ne!

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